Rip Off Press Candids

These photographs were taken in the early seventies at the Rip Off Press, the publisher of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Dealer McDope, Dopin' Dan, Motor City Comix and a number of other “comix” by such artists as Gilbert Shelton, Dave Sheridan, Ted Richards, Robert Crumb, Jack Jackson (Jaxon), Larry Gonick and many another when I was their weekly newspaper syndicate manager and the editorial director of the Rip Off Review of Western Culture.

I'd bought a 35mm camera and a decent used f 2.8 105mm lens when starting the magazine and shot these haphazardly as the mood struck. I wish I'd continued, just as I wish I'd continued shooting, developing and printing my own photographs after my early high school years. Such is life.

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